Titanfall 2 Impressions, Harambe’s Revenge, and the WORST. TRAILER. EVER. — Unfiltered Podcast 001

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Welcome to the Unfiltered Podcast, where we take an hour and break down the wins, the loses, and the fails of the week in Tech, Gaming, and the world around us!!

Sorry for the late upload, we had to re-render this after being blocked in all countries by the IOC being butts.

══════════ This Week ══════════

We talk about Harambe's revenge as a zoo shuts down it's social medial accounts.
Story: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/harambe-memes-cincinnati-zoo-gorilla-shot-dead-rip-a7203356.html

THE TWEET: https://twitter.com/Rhymestyle/status/767910826787287040

We give our first impressions on the Titanfall 2 Tech Test.

Let's talk about Halo 5's next update, and which Halo was the WORST ONE EVER.

The Olympics are now over, let's recap the best (and worst) moments.
Japan's Intro: https://streamable.com/mh3w

Let's also take a look at Max Steel, a movie so bad that it includes Dinkelbot, Punch Faces, and... ANDY F*#@&ng GARCIA?!
'International' Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvF6uKqFpg8&feature=youtu.be

Finally, did we ever talk about how Raz looks like Toby McGuire?!

All this, plus hidden words of the week, random tangents, and MORE!


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