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Hi all! So much has been happening over the past few weeks, it seems like a good idea to start doing a semi-regular update here on the site to talk about things going on with the channel, SMP server, and more!

So *cracks knuckles* let’s get into this.

150,000 Strong!

I didn’t make a big deal of this when it happened Wednesday, because- you know, but we passed 150,000 SUBSCRIBERS on the channel! The growth the past few months has been kind of crazy. I’m constantly blown away by how much support you all have given over the past few weeks. 200 days is now almost over 3 MILLION VIEWS, which is crazy!

I’m working on a new video which was originally planned to release this week, but after getting sick last week I was a bit out of commission. I will get that out ASAP though, we all need some fun nowadays. Also, I should be good to start streaming again early next week. We’re probably going to do a community build event, once we finalize a few things we need to make that easier to run! Keep an eye out!

Ask Away!

That being said, I just ordered our Silver Play Button award, and I want to do something special when it arrives! I’ll be doing a community AMA on YouTube while opening the award, so keep an eye out on Twitter as well as the Discord Server for your chance to ask questions!


The Shields Of Our Community

Remember, that applications are currently open to join the Guardians, our team of moderators to work to maintain the welcoming community that we’ve been growing here. Applications are reviewed by myself and HorseTaco and you’ll usually hear back within a week or so. Guardians are appointed on an as-needed basis, and we’re being very deliberate on each appointment- so put your best foot forward!

The first of our new mobs has joined the team as a part of this program! Please welcome Pikzelss to the Guardians team! Pikzelss has been super active on our Minecraft server, and you’ll be seeing him around helping keep things running there, as well as on the Discord server!


SMP Shenanigans!

It’s been really great seeing what you all have been working on over the past few weeks on the SMP server, and the world (and lore!) we are starting to build! Making items for our weekend vendor, as well as the riddles for items he desires, has been a highlight of each day. Xur will return to the SMP server sometime today (I need to be online right now to do it), so save up your Black Iron ingots to grab some awesome loot.

This week’s unique items are from my D&D Campaign! Check out Grimfrost and the Spiked Chainmail Boots!


Also, I know that a couple people figured out a quicker way to access Xur’s inventory… don’t worry, I’ll be fixing that up soon ;D

Riddle Me This…

Remember that each day, either I or one of the other Admins will likely hide an ingot or other award somewhere in the world when Xur is not present, giving you a chance to get your ingots. Remember that you can also get ingots from defeating powerful enemies, including Withers, Ender Dragons, Elder Guardians, Vindicators, and Ravagers! Go hunting, and explore some of the lore and secrets the Xur will reveal this week… we have a story to tell…


Community Videos of the Week!

While I have not made that much in videos this week due to plague and then insanity, some members of the community have been pretty busy! Check out these two videos, one from my Hardcore world (or a shadow of it), and one from an entirly different one!

First up, TheEnderEye blew up my Hardcore 200 Days snapshot!


Next, Rieverze is taking on his own Hardcore challenge, this one a bit more scripted and episodic! I have to admit, I laughed at this, so it deserves a shoutout!

Just… thank you!

It’s kind of wild that we’re at the point again where I need to consider writing a potentially WEEKLY update post to be sure that we’ve covering everything going on in the community, but here we are!! Thank you all so much for the support and excitement over streams and new videos – I have more coming very soon!

Until next time, be good to each other.




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