Tennocon 2018, Railjack and Fortuna Announced

Avatar Masta Blasta | July 22, 2018 567 Views 0 Likes


At Tennocon 2018, fans were going crazy over the new announcements the developers made about future updates. The first announcement, being Fortuna, seems to be similar to Plains of Eidolon, but on a much more massive scale. This open world experience will be placed on Venus, which is an icy wasteland for the player to explore. New missions/bounties will be available, such as animal hunts, and base capturing. Multiple NPC’s will be placed around the map for you to collect the bounty rewards. It looks to be a very promising edition to Warframe.

The next big announcement was Railjack. In Railjack, the player gets a ship that can be operated by several warframes at once. The video then showed the new ship flying up into orbit, to take down a Corpus ship. These new large scale space battles will bring a whole new endgame, because you can customize your new ride, create new strategies for taking down ships, and learn to use your ship’s new abilities.

No amount of words can do the trailer justice though. See for yourself below this article, and stay on the grind so your ready for taking over Venus and orbital conquest!


Written by Masta Blasta