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1.1.0 – Enchantment Expansion

(4/10/2022) New enchants, expanded world border, PVP arena, and much more!

Custom Enchants

Custom enchants are finally here after being requested for quite some time. You can find them as loot, in villager trades, in the enchantment table, or scattered around spawn.

Here are all the new enchants:

  • Drill (Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel) – Instantly mine blocks behind the block just broken.
    • Maximum Level: 3
    • Conflicts: Unbreaking
  • Electroshock (Shield) – Chance to strike your attacker with lightning.
    • Maximum Level: 2
    • Conflicts: None
  • Extinguishing (Chestplate) – Chance to remove fire when taking fire damage.
    • Maximum Level: 5
    • Conflicts: None
  • Farmhand (Hoe) – Till blocks around initial block.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: None
  • Fire Affinity (Axe) – Increases damage dealt when on fire.
    • Maximum Level: 5
    • Conflicts: None
  • Inferno (Trident) – Lights your trident on fire
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: Channeling
  • Kinetic (Elytra) – Reduces damage taken when flying into a wall.
    • Maximum Level: 3
    • Conflicts: Launch
  • Launch (Elytra) – Fireworks give a short burst of extreme speed.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: Kinetic
  • Magnetic (Leggings) – Items and XP go towards you.
    • Maximum Level: 4
    • Conflicts: None
  • Marksman (Bow) – Removes arrow drop.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: Punch
  • Rapid (Bow) – Increases pull speed.
    • Maximum Level: 5
    • Conflicts: None
  • Replenish (Hoe) – Replants crops when broken.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: Mending
  • Soulbound (All) – Keep item on death. Enchant removed after dying.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: None
  • Curse of Hunger (Armor) – Increases hunger loss.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: None
  • Curse of Permanence (All) – Prevents item from being modified in an anvil.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: Mending
  • Magic Artifact (All) – Adds magic particles to your actions.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: None
  • Soul Fire Artifact (All) – Adds soul flame particles to your actions.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: None
  • Wax Artifact (All) – Adds wax particles to your actions.
    • Maximum Level: 1
    • Conflicts: None

World Border Expansion

  • The world border is now expanded!
    • Previous Area: 25,000 x 25,000
    • Now: 40,000 x 40,000
  • Wild teleport has been modified to reflect these changes.
    • Previous Range: 5,000
    • Now: 10,000

Official PVP Arena

  • There is now an official PVP arena!
    • Keep inventory and XP are on in this arena.
    • Heads drop!
    • Access it with:
      • /warp pvp
      • Visit the NPC at spawn
    • If issues arise, please use /report or contact the Guardians on Discord.

Other Changes

  • Added /enchantinfo
    • Gives players info on a custom enchantment.
  • Added /itemframe
    • Makes the item frame the player is looking at invisible.
  • Changes in view distance and simulation distance
    • View distance has been changed from 10 chunks to 8.
      • This only impacts how far the player can see.
      • If you would like to see further, there are Fabric mods that allow this.
    • Simulation distance has been changed from 10 chunks to 4.
      • This means farm growth, mob spawning, and other mechanics only occur in a 4 chunk radius.
      • This should not be too noticeable and should vastly improve server performance!
  • Lands Changes
    • Lands per chunk cost now maxes out at 10 Diamonds.
      • Previously 50 Diamonds
      • This was far too excessive, and this change should hopefully allow builds to be more claimed.
    • Lands ownership is no longer restricted by time.
      • All 10 Lands are immediately available to the player, at 10 Diamonds each.
      • There were inconsistencies with the way this was calculated, so removing it should fix that.
  • Creeper explosions no longer do block damage!
    • This should help make the server look better overall.
  • The extended End dimension has been reset.
    • As per usual, this will be reset every two weeks on Monday.

Bug Fixes

  • MAJORLY improved server performance.
    • Hopefully no more lag.
  • Fixed players being able to interact with trapdoors at spawn.
  • Fixed the AFK tag not showing in the tab list.


(3/13/2022) Small changes, and bug fixes!

Small Changes

  • Barrels can now be shops!
    • Simply aim at the barrel and use /shop create.
    • This one is a no-brainer. Why not?
  • Server list info has been updated!
    • This has been meaning to be done for a while. Oops.
  • The End has been reset!
    • This does not include the main island.
    • This will continue to occur every two weeks.
    • This will help new players continue to be able to get elytras.

Bug Fixes

  • Vanished players are now vanished and AFK players are now AFK on the playerlist.
    • This has caused a lot of confusion and is not working as intended.
  • The anti-cheat is no longer as sensitive and levitation should no longer be an issue.
    • We apologize for the period in which it was impossible to go end-busting.
  • The clock on the bossbar now works as intended!
    • Reminder: Players can toggle this display with /bossbar
  • Fixed a coloring issue in the bossbar.
  • Players can now join on snapshot versions again.


(3/7/2022) Just some bug fixes and small changes!

Small Changes

  • 1.18.2 is now natively supported!
    • If you want the best experience, we recommend using this version.
  • You can now request to teleport to players!
    • To do this, use /tpa <player>
    • Or, if you want the player to teleport to you, use /tpahere <player>
    • This has long been requested, and is now here!
  • Nether portals can now be any shape, including non-square, and can be made of crying obsidian.
    • This is a pretty small change we’re hoping will inspire some creativity.

Bug Fixes

  • Mob heads and player heads now drop again.
    • We’re sorry about that quick delay of heads.
  • We are currently tracking issues with the anti-cheat and the levitation effect. We are aware and working on it!
  • Know of any other bugs or have any feature requests?
    • Use /report!
    • Open a ticket on our Discord!
      • Drop feature requests in #suggestions!

1.0.0 (Release!)

(2/28/2022) And we’re back! SMP Season 3 is officially here, and we have some big changes! Without too much hoop-la, here’s the changes:


  • Removed custom textured items of all varieties.
    • To be frank, they were buggy and difficult to maintain.
  • Custom enchants have been entirely removed.
    • They could potentially see a return in a limited capacity as the server continues.
  • Players can now sit on slabs, stairs, and carpets.
    • Right click them with an empty hand to do so.
    • This will allow players to use more creativity.
  • Players can use commands to animate their character.
    • /bellyflop
    • /crawl
    • /lay
    • /sit
    • /spin
  • Players can now see an overview of the world in a web browser.
    • Access the map here.
    • This map does not show player locations, Lands locations, or ores.
      • We are aware some players prefer to be as hidden as possible. We recommend those players build underground to stay hidden from the map.
  • Server restarts now show a bossbar timer as well as a message in chat.
    • Server restarts should now be as obvious as possible to ensure players are aware.
  • Popular Lands are now shown on the Town Board.
    • This is on the right side of the main tower at spawn.
    • Players can join these Lands at their leisure.
    • This will allow players to have a more community-oriented feeling when playing and hopefully will create as welcoming of an environment as possible.
  • Biome teleports have returned from Season 1. These contain:
    • Mesa
    • Jungle
    • Flower Forest
    • Snowy Tundra
      • These biome teleports will allow players to pick a specific biome to settle in, allowing them to build their base sooner. This will also allow players to settle in concentrated areas, continuing the more community-oriented sentiment.
  • Wild/Random Teleports
    • Now does not cost the player.
    • Will teleport players 1,000 – 5,000 blocks away from spawn.
      • This will allow the players that wish to be away from others and play more independently to do so without as long of a journey.
  • Players now have access to /warp and /warps
    • This will allow players to teleport to the different towns in the world.
  • World Border
    • Now much smaller, at 25,000 x 25,000
      • This is to allow for a smaller world size for more convenient world downloads. In addition, it will also allow for a more community-oriented and neighborly feeling.
  • Fire tick is now off.
    • Sadly, griefing has gotten too easy with this feature enabled.
  • Bedrock breaking and TNT duping are enabled.
    • NOTE: Carpet and rail dupers are still not allowed. If the player is found using them, it will result in punishment as seen fit from the Guardian team.
    • Please use TNT dupers in moderation, as they impact server performance.
  • Twitch Subs, VIPs, and Patrons have access to new commands.
    • /name – Allows the player to rename the item with special color codes found here.
    • /lore – Allows the player to add a description to their item.
    • This allows us to give back to those that support the channel without giving them any form of pay-to-win features.
  • The End dimension will be reset every two weeks.
    • NOTE: This is only for the deep end (512 blocks away from 0, 0). The main End island will always stay intact.
    • This will allow new players to get an Elytra without any large journeys.
  • Players have access to /report
    • This feature will send mods a message with all the information provided for a quick response.
  • Custom images now show new players the rules of the server.
    • Hopefully this educates newer players to prevent griefing as much as possible.
  • Added the VanillaTweaks (HermitCraft) armor stand customization features.
    • Sign a book and quill and title it “Statues” to obtain the book.
    • Please try not to go too insane with this feature. If it gets to impact performance too much, it will likely be removed.


  • The economy is now diamonds.
    • If the player has diamonds in their inventory, they can use the /deposit command to deposit the diamonds into their account.
    • If the player has diamonds in their account and wish to put them back in their inventory, they can use the /withdraw command.
    • This allows a more player-run economy that is still backed by a game-determined balance system to prevent inflation.
  • NPC merchants have been removed.
    • The ever-changing economy experiment only proved to create inflation and far too much upkeep.
  • Players can now safely trade with the /trade command.
    • This should promote more bartering between players.
  • Shops can now be made by aiming at a chest and using /shop create.
    • These new shops will be more stable and allow for better managed group shops.


  • Chunk costs will now increase linearly at a rate of +1 diamond each.
    • This is to prevent the overpriced chunks at endgame which used to force players to create a new Land.
  • Upkeep is still removed.
    • This is to remove the confusion of how to manage upkeep. If there is an inactive land that is in your way, let us know.
  • Setowner now costs 5 diamonds.
    • This is to prevent players from using this feature to bypass limits.
  • Renaming and changing the spawn is now free.
    • These are both cosmetic and should not cost anything as a result.
  • Areas within Lands can be rented and sold.
    • Renting: In order to rent an area in your Land, place a sign with the wanted information on it. The rental interval is how often the player is charged. The max time is how long a player can rent the area.
    • Selling: In order to sell a Lands or area, place a sign with the desired price. If it is in the Lands default area, it will sell the whole Lands. If it is in an area of the Lands, it will sell just the area. Purchasers can use “/lands rent cancel” to cancel their ownership.
  • Lands Creation
    • Lands now cost 10 diamonds to create.
      • The first Land a player creates is free.
    • The player starts with two Lands, and can create another one every three days.
    • Players can own a max of ten Lands.
  • Lands that reach eight players can apply to be added to the board at spawn.
    • A link will be sent to the player once the milestone is reached in order to apply.
  • The max number of chunks to claim is now 100.
  • Players can now be in up to 100 Lands.
  • Players can now have up to 100 players in their Lands.
  • Players can now have up to 100 roles in their Lands.
  • Players can now toggle PvP in their Lands.
    • Players entering the Lands with PvP enabled will see a warning at the bottom of their screen.



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