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Our landmark morning news series, posted every Monday-Friday by 9am!

The BEST & WORST Things About Twitchcon… – Daily Jolt 10.29.18

Duration: 9:06 212

Let’s test out another new series this week, one you’ll be seeing EVERY WEEKDAY! This is the Daily Jolt- a morning news show where we’ll cover news in the gaming, entertainment, and geek world and give you the facts, my opinion, and sometimes some Hot Takes where I get to vent a bit. Be sure to let me know what you think about this series, as this week serves as a beta before the series as a whole goes live!

Pewdiepie vs TSeries, Right to Repair, and More — Daily Jolt

Duration: 8:12 147

It’s a battle for the very soul of YouTube as two massive channels face off. Also, we talk right to repair and how a recent DMCA change will make pirating & circumventing some DRM totally legal, with a catch… Enter the Daily Jolt, a morning news show where we’ll cover news in the gaming, entertainment, and geek world and give you the facts, my opinion, and sometimes some Hot Takes where I get to vent a bit. Be sure to […]

WTF are Mixer, Patreon, and Apple Up To!? | Daily Jolt

Duration: 7:30 194

Let’s talk about the big moves being made by a few major players in the space.

Henry Cavill as Geralt REVEALED! | #DailyJolt

Duration: 7:37 170

Welcome to the Daily Jolt! This M-F news show covers gaming, geek, and entertainment news from around the internet into a quick video to enjoy with your morning coffee!

They added THIS THING to Smash?! | #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:02 66

Today, let’s talk about the newest character to join the roster of Smash Bros Ultimate, some new info on The Showtime Halo TV Series casting, Mixer striking back at Twitch, and more!

Let’s Recap Blizzcon Day 1! | #DailyJolt BONUS EPISODE!

Duration: 6:57 171

Let’s recap all of Blizzcon day 1 including the new Overwatch Hero Ashe, new Reunion cinematic, the new Hearthstone cinematic, Warcraft III remastered, Wow Classic, and we aren’t talking about that awful Diablo mobile game today… that’s Monday.

We Need To Talk About Diablo Immortal…

Duration: 9:37 210

We need to talk about the #Diablo Immortal announcement and the internet’s reaction to the game. I’m honestly embarrassed for both sides. Let’s talk about the ‘red shirt guy’, the “Do you not have phones” comment, what Blizzard SHOULD have done, and more.

What the heck happened to Fortnite?!? #DailyJolt

Duration: 7:35 164

Let’s talk about the latest Fortnite “butterfly” event and how the cube has exploded, what the heck is going on with the Avatar movie series (remember that movie?) and more! Also- let’s quickly recap our coverage of Diablo Immortal, Blizzcon, and all the craziness from that event.

The Supreme Court Just Shut Down Net Neutrality… #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:40 94

It’s time for another Daily Jolt where we’ll talk about #NetNeutrality, foldable phones being cool again, and Fortnite just continuing to dominate the world in their latest crossover with the NFL.

RIP to this YouTube Feature… #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:59 109

Let’s talk about how YouTube is killing a feature that will harm years worth of content, how #PUBG is responding to Fortnite’s latest partnership, and the reboot of the Shrek Cinematic Universe?! ===== Sources ===== PUBG x Suicide Squad twitter.com/PUBG/status/1059616915868381184 Shrek Getting Rebooted variety.com/2018/film/news/shrek-puss-in-boots-reboot-1203020785/ New 3D LoZ Game In Development gearnuke.com/nintendo-recruiting-new-3d-legend-of-zelda/ YouTube Considering Removing Old Annotations: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmLdD3QkoWA ===== CLIPS OF THE DAY ===== Deadly Class Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn9n1pWLG0k New KH3 Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EunHzNTCpx8 EDITED BY HorseTaco: Tweets by taco_horse

PUBG Goes Free To Play – #DailyJolt

Duration: 8:19 110

It looks like #PUBG is taking on Fortnite and going Free to Play… on xbox.

YouTube Censorship, or a Joke Gone Too Far?? #DailyJolt

Duration: 16:05 149

We need to talk about the drama surrounding on Red Dead Redemption 2 video and YouTube’s pretty messed up response.

Battlefield’s Early Access Mess — #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:20 141

Let’s talk about Battlefield V’s ‘play early’ mess, and how they don’t actually want you to buy the game, a new gamemode coming to Sea of Thieves, and how Westworld has just been struck bu a disaster that is currently ravaging most of California…

The World Lost A Legend Yesterday… #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:00 115

The world seems a bit darker today as Stan Lee, co-creator of the Marvel universe, has passed away at age 95. Let’s try to do right by his memory. Excelsior!

I’ve Been Rule 34-ed… — #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:10 861

Let’s talk about the #ForTheThrone video series by the Game of Thrones team, Amazon’s new headquarters in the city where I work, and break down the big nominations for #TheGameAwards. ALSO: Let’s talk the new Legundo R34 images, because you all did that to me… for some reason… EDITED BY HorseTaco: Tweets by taco_horse

We Need To Talk About The Dangers of Article 13 — #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:35 110

We need to talk about Article 13 and the #SaveTheInternet campaign, how a prominent #swatter has been sent to prison, and a massive new Fortnite update! EDITED BY HorseTaco: Tweets by taco_horse

Sony Skipping E3 2019 — #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:05 110

Let’s talk about how, for the first time in over 25 years, Sony will not be attending E3, and how this is just another nail in the coffin for the event. Also, let’s break down some new Fallout 76 news with the first Nuke Ever being dropped, check out Sunset Overdrive coming to PC, respond to some comments, and more!

Let’s Talk About Stream Coaching #DailyJolt BONUS VIDEO

Duration: 9:21 140

Let’s talk about Stream Coaching and the current drama around whether or not it’s a legit thing.

The End Of Halo 5, and the Beginning of Something New. #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:41 96

Let’s talk about the end of the Halo Championship Series, where it goes next with Halo Grassroots, and a look back.

DayZ Finally Leaves Alpha and PUBG is TOTALLY Fixed Now… #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:39 107

Lets’ talk about DayZ finally leaving Early Access Alpha… 1799 days later and how #FixPUBG has been declared complete- whether that’s true or not.

Legundo and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:30 135

Let’s talk about the ridiculous new Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) movie and a TON of other news!

Elder Scrolls 6 is Using Fallout 76’s Engine… #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:08 158

It looks like Bethesda hasn’t learned their lesson, and Elder Scrolls IV, the latest iteration in that series, will still be using the Creation Engine, the same engine that powers Fallout 76.

The FTC is taking on Lootboxes! #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:05 111

The FTC is gearing up to investigate the potential links between Loot Boxes and gambling, and potentially deal a huge blow to the gaming industry.

We Need To Talk About Google Dragonfly #DailyJolt

Duration: 15:57 140

We need to talk about Google Dragonfly and their abandoning of their values for profit to get into the China search market.

People are going to Rehab for Fortnite… #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:57 161

People are getting addicted to Fortnite so bad that they’re being sent to rehab! Maybe they could go to Starbucks and watch some porn… oh wait…

DAREDEVIL CANCELLED?!? Is Jessica Jones Next?? #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:36 149

The Netflix and Marvel breakup continues as Daredevil, the show everyone thought was safe from the cancellation axe, has fallen. Could Jessica Jones, the last show remaining since Iron Fist and Luke Cage were cancelled, survive?

The Halo TV Show Lost It’s Director… #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:01 114

The Showtime Halo TV show has just lost it’s director over scheduling conflicts causing concern in the community already.

Why the Epic Game Store could be AWESOME! #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:29 98

Let’s talk about why the Epic Games Store could really be something awesome, with the creators of Fortnite taking a big swing at Valve and Steam. ALSO, let’s talk about the new Destiny 2 expansion, Tumblr banning adult content, and sone sweet signal boost action! EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost Here Comes Infinite: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkrEjQPJCaA Captain Marvel Trailer: twitter.com/MarvelStudios/status/1069784880072949760 Just Cause 4 Easter Egg: i.imgur.com/lXDyzHY.gifv

FCC’s Lies Exposed & Game Dev Raided By Police… #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:54 93

We need to talk about Starbreeze studios, the creators of Payday and Payday 2, being raided by police for suspected insider trading, as well as Ajit Pai and the FCC admitting that their Net Neutrality comments period might not have been above board… ALSO Let’s talk about Fortnite Creative mode, and what it means for the game, as well as some Spider Man: Far From Home casting news! EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse SIGNAL BOOST DND on the Discord Server: discordapp.com/invite/qdrZjpY […]

Counter Strike Goes Free To Play!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:42 109

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has gone free to play and added a new Battle Royale mode to compete with the likes of PUBG and Fortnite. It’s different, and risky, but so exciting! ALSO let’s talk about the Fallout 76 user data breach, Amazon bear spraying their employees, and the YouTube Rewind! EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse SIGNAL BOOST Black Armory Raid: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCU47L30ByY YouTube Rewind: youtu.be/YbJOTdZBX1g?t=395

Rockstar SUES Modder for $150k in Damages!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:56 61

Rockstar and Take Two are suing the developer of the Elusive mod tool for $150,000 in damages PLUS legal fees…

Can The XFL Make Gamers Care About Football?? #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:04 109

Let’s talk SPORTS as we discuss whether or not the XFL can bring football and online entertainment together with #XFL2020. ALSO Let’s cover Sony’s commitment to single player games, a neat bit of Xbox history that is just now coming to light, and say goodbye to Voyager 2 as it becomes the second Voyager to leave the Solar System.

Samsung & ‘Supreme’ Scamming Customers!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:22 107

Samsung and Supreme have teamed up, but this might not be what their customers are expecting. ALSO Let’s talk about Steam dropping support for older Windows operating systems, Minecraft getting a new version, and Corsair selling fake RGB ram! EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost True Detective Season 3 Trailer: youtu.be/RZP6t1FmVO8 Black Ops Pass Trailer: youtu.be/vgCP7_r2DN8 Strangest Places in GoT: www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4J16GzUJ28 Master Chief in SSBU: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IiBJV-Yeyk

Fortnite & PUBG BANNED! Why Are People Celebrating?! #DailyJolt

Duration: 14:08 106

We need to talk about how and where Fortnite and PUBG have been banned, and why some people are celebrating this decision. We also need to talk about Epic Games opening Fortnite crossplay to other developers on their game store, and Razer wanting you to mine cryptocurrency when not gaming. EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost Difficulty of Games: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY-_dsTlosI Zee Bradshaw: youtu.be/OBmNThMZJ1U

Halo Gets Festive, and Hytale Blows People Away… #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:17 152

Halo gets festive with some new Christmas-themed maps that bring as nice surprise to the title three years in.

DICE Just Broke Battlefield V… #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:50 155

We need to talk about the controversial TTK changes to Battlefield V… We also need to talk about the Kingdom Hearts 3 leak, and how Xbox One copies of the game made it to the Facebook Marketplace over the weekend, as well as Signal’s battle with Australia to keep encryption safe.

YouTube, I Don’t Feel So Good… #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:33 100

YouTube just deleted 58 million videos and several thousand channels. How the heck did I survive?!?

Why Ninja being on Late Night Matters #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:32 108

We need to talk about why Ninja being on Late Night matters, and why everyone screaming ‘CRINGE!’ is being an idiot.

Atlas’ Ridiculous Failure to Launch! #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:58 147

We need to talk about the ATLAS launch fiasco, and the fallout about game companies losing the trust of their players. We also need to talk about the Will Smith Genie from the new live action Aladdin and how people are saying it’s, well… awful. EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost Front Page Tech: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT5iuPA-vWA Hellboy Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt5g5_1cKVk We Built Him a PC: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrrrqRmlOyY Home Alone Again: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKYABI-dGEA

Airport Drone Prank [Gone Wrong][Gone Sexual] #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:31 147

It’s the final Daily Jolt of 2018! Let’s talk about the Drone ‘attacks’ being committed against Gatwick international airport, a new IE security flaw, and more!

Nintendo Makes A Surprising Call… #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:57 114

Nintendo makes a (totally not) surprising call with the new Super Mario Bros game for Bowsette!

Elgato is moving to control your entire setup… #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:43 109

We need to talk about Elgato’s recent product launches from CES with the Elgato Key Light and Stream Deck SDK moving to control your entire setup… for a price. ALSO We need to talk about big news from the Overwatch world with a big backdrop from one character’s backstory, and some new Game of Thrones footage that sets up the final season.

We Need To Talk About The Lionsgate Copyright Drama #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:56 109

We need to talk about Angry Joe & his claims against Lionsgate studios, copyright abuse, and other YouTube news… ALSO, let’s cover some more CES news with the HTC Vive Cosmos, how being blocked on Facebook can violate your rights, and the latest stupid stunt from Jake Paul.

The Division 2 Is Going To Epic Games?! #DailyJolt

Duration: 14:55 130

Ubisoft has decided to drop Steam and take The Division 2 to the Epic Games Store, something that more and more developers are doing, but is this good for consumers?

Bungie Dumps Activision, KEEPS DESTINY! #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:35 191

Bungie has just split with Activision, in a press release announced today. This is huge news for the now independent studio who will retain the rights to the Destiny franchise, and couple be doing massive things with Destiny 3. Plus we need to talk about the new Unity Terms of Service changes aimed at cloud computing platforms like SpatialOS to increase their licencing and leaving many released games in legal limbo. ALSO YouTube is removing some more social features that […]

We Need To Cancel HaloFollower… #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:06 89

We have to address the poor reporting & behavior of another YouTUbe channel before it gets even worse. Let’s also talk about Epic Games Store finally getting a good return policy, an Epic YouTuber (LukeTheNotable) dabbing for 10 hours, and some Awesome Games Done Quick news, with their final charity goal setting a new record! EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost LTN’s 10 Hour Dab Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANToCIi_Xvg 12 years of RCT: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFVm5R_dxoo What Happens to Bungie: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK5_iyS63MQ Capp00 Thief Simulator: […]

WTF Is The Instagram Egg?!? #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:09 123

Let’s talk about the egg that has taken the internet by storm, claiming the most liked Instagram post in history for a new world record. EGG. Also let’s talk about the UGC Halo Classic finals, which took place after yesterday’s recordings, some dates for the upcoming Anthem VIP Demos, a new Spider Man: Far From Home trailer, and Steam TV taking on steam! EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost GoT Season 8 Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA38GCX4Tb0 Perfect 10: twitter.com/uclagymnastics/status/1084325320935657472 MR Beast Scrapped […]

Disney vs Vader Fan Film Copyright Drama!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 15:53 127

Let’s talk about the latest story on Copyright abuse from YouTube, and how things might not be exactly what they seem… Also, let’s cover the Westworld Mobile game being shut down, most likely in response to the lawsuit with Bethesda over Fallout Shelter, and how it impacts players. Plus we need to talk about the Netflix price increase, Gamestop being bought out, and some strict new YouTube policy changes that bring new rules to Thumbnails & Videos! EDITED BY HorseTaco: […]

EA’s New Star Wars Game CANCELLED!? #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:48 125

EA”s new open world Star Wars game has been cancelled amid concerns over EA’s management of the franchise. Let’s talk about what happens next. Also, on the topic of game companies messing up, let’s talk Activision with their new ‘badge of shame’ for non-season pass holders and how that backfired spectacularly. EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost Division 2 Story Teaser: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPSAZ8-q3Js Space Force Teaser: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXuUtq09lvg

The Battle for Twitch’s #1 Spot! #DailyJolt

Duration: 18:20 114

It’s Ninja vs Tfue in a battle for Twitch supremacy, but at the ‘competitors’ really fighting to be at the top, or is the community trying to stoke the flames? ALSO let’s talk about Peta’s 🍆obsession, and their latest insane social media stunt, the Motorola Razer returning to your pocket as a $1,500 foldable screen, and some new Fortnite update news! EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost John Wick Chapter 3: www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7XM597XO94 gen:LOCK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmeYSCn54IM Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fJ69JHA7M4

Machinima Deleted! What Happens Now?? #DailyJolt

Duration: 14:48 113

Machinima is sadly no more, as Fullscreen deleted all content on the channel over this past weekend, leaving many creators stunned and a decade of gaming history lost forever.

ATLAS Hackers Are Breaking The Game!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:34 99

#ATLAS has been experiencing a whole new round of problems, as hackers have gained access to developer & back-end tools and started throwing whales at people, causing server rollbacks & more angry customers.

Can Black Panther Win Best Picture?? #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:05 86

Black Panther has been nominated for Best Picture and many are celebrating this, but can it win the award, and why are people saying Infinity War was snubbed?

Defy Media Stole $1.7 MILLION!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:48 125

We need to talk about Defy Media and the $1.7 MILLION they stole from creators in their MCN, as well the problems with MCNs in general lately.

Metroid 4 Was Just Restarted?!? #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:27 121

Nintendo has decided to scrap & restart development on Metroid 4, and they just flat out told us it was happening in a level of transparency we haven’t seen in years…

Epic STEALS Metro Exodus from Steam!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:19 115

Epic has nabbed another PC exclusive, this time taking a game that was already accepting preorders on Steam and nabbing exclusive rights to distribute Metro: Exodus on the Epic Games Store!

You Are Being Watched By Your iPhone… #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:15 99

Apple has been in the news a lot lately, so let’s round up all the stories to talk about things. Let’s cover the Facetime security bug that allows people to spy on you, Apple’s defense against their planned obsolescence policies, the market’s reaction, and more.

Why Is Everyone Mad About The Anthem Store?!? #DailyJolt

Duration: 14:56 306

The Anthem Store has been revealed, with prices for skins ranging from $8 to $20. This has obviously made the gaming community very mad…

Youtube Features Smaller Channels?! #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:57 107

YouTube will be featuring smaller creators in a new “On the Rise’ tab in the mobile app as an experiment to help smaller channels grow. Can it work? Will it work? Also let’s talk about Google+ finally getting deleted, the Ninja Superbowl ad premiering this weekend, and a new Mario game announced by Nintendo! Check out the first episode of Behind The Lens: EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost Xbox Accessibility: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YISTzpLXCY ASX Game of Thrones: www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3iWCi7yYSc Mr Beast 1st […]

WTF Is Apex Legends?! #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:09 108

Apex Legends is apparently a new Titanfall Battle Royale title being announced today at 8am PST. This came out of no where and caught many off guard, with the usual twitter fights starting up over whether or not ‘we’ want this game. Let’s break down what we know. Also, let’s talk about the ongoing war between Pewdiepie and T-Series and the sub gap being closer than ever. Plus Pewds has some new allies and tactics with a Fortnite stream, a […]

XBox Live Coming To Switch?! #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:25 129

You could be playing titles on XBox Live from a ton of new devices soon, if a recent press conference scheduled by Microsoft reveals anything.

Halo: Outpost Discovery Announced! #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:50 136

343 and Microsoft have teamed up to create a roaming museum for Halo that will be visiting major cities around the USA.

Patreon is About To Make a HUGE Mistake… #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:41 114

Patreon is suffering from a lack of exponential growth and unrealistic expectations, and are about to cut their “generous” 90% payout to creators. Let’s talk about the upcoming fallout.

Apex Legends Already Has 10 Million Players!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:48 103

Apex Legends hit 10 MILLION players within 72 hours! For a game just announced last weekend, that’s pretty good! Check out my Apex Legends Review: Also let’s talk about Jeff Bezos fighting to keep his nudes secret, the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 script reveal, and the frustrating the Violent Video Game Tax that has been in Pennsylvania that would make it more expensive to enjoy video games in the state. Watch Behind The Lens: EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal […]

Is This The Beginning Of The End For Activision? #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:43 89

Activision is preparing for layoffs after poor management and several blows to the company’s reputation have hit in early 2019. All of this happening while EA has practically been saved from a massive Q1 failure with Apex Legends!

Apex Legends Can’t Be Stopped!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:17 125

Apex Legends has hit 25 MILLION played in just under a week, and this isn’t going unnoticed by the rest of the gaming world. Expect big changes to how games release soon. Also, let’s talk about a Guitar Hero refund policy since the servers have been shut down, as well as another sad death in the Game of Thrones world. Finally, let’s talk about Reddit’s newest investor and why many are screaming that it could be the death of free […]

Activision Fucks Over Their Employees… #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:57 93

We need to talk about how Activision just reported record sales, their greatest year ever, and celebrated by firing over 800 employees so their top executives can have more gold for the pile.

Deadmau5, Twitch’s ‘Double Standard’, and Variety Streamers #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:37 104

Let’s talk about the Deadmau5 getting banned on Twitch and his calls on Twitch’s ‘Double Standard’ in enforcing their rules. While we’re talking about streaming I need to throw in my take about the conversation about how being a Variety Streamer is apparently hurting your channel.

The Verge Kinda Messed Up… #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:04 80

The Verge, one day after posting an article about copyright abuse on YouTube, is using copyright to censor those who make fun of them… or are they?

The YouTube Weekend Copyright Clusterf*ck #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:59 130

We need to talk about YouTube, copyright strikes, and just how bad things have gotten. Whether it’s The Verge doubling down with a false timeline and series of events to try and frame themselves as the victim, or channels with no videos being able to submit a copyright strike against Lazarbeam, or WORSE YouTube demonetizing a piano tutorial channel for no reason… it was a bad weekend. EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse

Apex Legends is Saving Titanfall 2 #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:24 160

Apex Legends is so good, it’s making people go back to Titanfall 2, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Also, let’s talk about the recent Apex Legends datamine of new legends, new game modes, and more!

The Loot Boxes Have Returned… #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:51 92

Loot Boxes have returned to Call of Duty, and this insult on top of previous ones like the $1 ⭕reticle is just pathetic at this point.

Anthem Hammered By Early Reviews… #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:30 111

The early reviews for Anthem are in, and they aren’t looking kind. Let’s recap and round up some reviews for the game and discuss what a subpar launch might mean for developer BioWare.

Reggie Retires, Leaving Bowser In Charge… #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:13 136

Nintendo America’s president Reggie Fils-Aimé, known as Reggie and loved by most of the gaming world, announced his retirement yesterday to the world. While it’s sad to see him leaving after such a great run at Nintendo, his successor, Doug Bowser (yes, that is really his name), is poised to be yet another strong advocate of fun games for the world.

EA Blacklisting Creators For Negative Anthem Reviews? #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:52 118

GGGManLives has claimed that he was threatened by being blacklisted by EA if he didn’t pull his negative review of the game, but considering that almost EVERY REVIEW is negative, is there more to this?

YouTube Bans Giveaways for ‘Fake Engagement’ #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:43 208

YouTube has decided that it’s not a big fan of people who are fake, or subsribers who are fake- so it’s moved to ban websites that allow #sub4sub or even websites that run giveaways!

Steam Banned In China Because Of… Winnie The Pooh? #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:24 136

Devotion by Red Candle Games was set to be the next atmospheric horror game much like PT before it, but something went horribly wrong.

New Pokemon Games Announced!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:06 99

Let’s break down the new Pokemon announcement, the region, new monsters, hints at the legendary beast, and which starter I’m going to pick!

Anthem Bans Streamer For Being Too Good At The Game #DailyJolt

Duration: 12:29 118

Bioware has decided to ban Gladd from Anthem for life for ‘economy exploitation” in a PVE-only game for his strategy of farming open-world chests for loot. I have to ask, is this REALLY the best use of their time?

Anthem is Bricking Playstation 4!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:58 96

The hits just keep coming for Bioware’s little game that couldn’t. New reports of PS4 system corruption after playing Anthem, as well as crashes on PC & XBox, are causing even loyal players to reconsider launching the title until the bug is fixed…

Diskless XBox One S & Halo Infinite Confirmed for E3!! #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:24 93

XBox Maverick has been leaked to be a disc-less Xbox One S, further leading to the rumors that Microsoft is going to all digital and game streaming in the next generation of Xbox consoles, Scarlett. ALSO – HALO INFINITE has been announced to have a presence at E3, with gameplay and everything! This is extremely exciting, but does this mean we’ll be seeing the game before 2020!? EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse

Anthem Damage Numbers FAKE! Halo Coming To PC! #DailyJolt

Duration: 14:28 101

Anthem just keeps getting in the news, for all the wrong reasons. Discovered on Reddit yesterday it turns out the best gun in the game for raw damage is the starting weapon, as damage scaling puts it WAY above even Masterwork level items. Also, let’s talk about the potential news that MCC might be coming to PC as the MCC is set to be talked about in next week’s Inside Halo, and PC rumors as swirling again! EDITED BY HorseTaco: […]

Is E3 Still Relevant? Does BFV’s Firestorm Matter? #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:20 137

With EA pulling out of the event, and not having a press conference this year for E3, it’s time to ask if E3 is still even relevant anymore? ALSO Let’s Talk About that Battlefield V Firestorm leak, and how the new Battle Royale really just looks like more of the same. EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse Signal Boost Kobra Kai: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3RqajyxUco MCC in 2019: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbathi6xZS4 RVB: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hROuCdO1aoY

Captain Marvel: Awesome Movie or Epic Fail?

Duration: 12:19 104

Captain Marvel, the latest in the MCU starring Brie Larson, has been the source of a lot of controversy, including forcing Rotten Tomatoes to change their review policy from so many people negative review-bombing the move.

Can The Anthem Loot Boycott Work?

Duration: 9:38 83

Anthem players are not happy with the loot progression in the game, and with viable alternatives in Destiny 2 and The Division 2- many are planning a Boycott to attempt to scare Bioware into fixing the problem.

How Pizza Brought Halo To PC!!

Duration: 10:11 96

There are those that said this day would never come. What say they now? HALO IS COMING TO PC!!

Ninja Was Paid HOW MUCH To Play Apex Legends?!

Duration: 9:40 106

Apex Legend’s release took the internet by storm and surprise, and it owes a bit part of it’s success to it’s takeover of Twitch, dethroning Fortnite after it held the top spot for 11 months.

Epic Games Is Spying On You & Stealing Steam Data!!

Duration: 10:00 332

It’s been discovered that the Epic Games Launcher mines your computer for all of your Steam data, everything from all of your friends, to every game you’ve played, to your CLOUD SAVES FOR THOSE GAMES.

Turtle Rock Is Rebooting Left 4 Dead Without Valve!

Duration: 9:25 74

Turtle Rock Studios are about to reboot Left 4 Dead as Back 4 Blood with the team responsible for the original game! Let’s Talk about how this is basically brings Left 4 Dead 3 to reality, and if a game like this can perform well in 2019! EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse

Why Are Game Developers Talking About Unionizing?

Duration: 9:21 89

With so many stories about how game development studios are cutting jobs when poor management decisions cause games to suffer, many are talking about unionizing. Let’s talk about how this could affect video games moving forward, and how this should be something that you support. EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse

Could Stadia Be The Console Killer?

Duration: 11:20 41

Stadia, the new game streaming platform announced by Google yesterday, is potentially a console killer if priced right.

Sea of Thieves, One Year Later…

Duration: 8:54 45

Sea of Thieves endured some rough waters at launch to come out of it’s first year better than ever. As seems to be the tradition with live service games, a comprehensive year one patch is being released that will make the game ‘the way it was meant to be played’.

Epic Games Exclusivity Is Bad For PC Gaming

Duration: 9:15 82

Epic has snatched up another game from Steam into their own timed exclusivity deal. This time it’s Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds… effectively killing my chances at playing the title.

WTF Happened Last Week?!?

Duration: 8:51 15

So, what happened to the show last week? Why did we stop uploading when things were getting better than ever? How stupid was that? Let’s talk about all that, and so much more. EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse #Burnout #CreatorBurnout #YouTubeBurnout

What The Heck Is Reddit Sequence? (April Fools Roundup)

Duration: 8:57 89

Man, we missed a juicy week of news last week to come back to the biggest pile to #FellowKids ever: April Fools Day. The day where everyone tries to prove how hip and with it they are with all sorts of whacky pranks!! Let’s break down the hits, the misses, and more. EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse

How Bioware Is Ignorant To Anthem’s Failures

Duration: 9:36 73

A recent article from Kotaku spoke to 19 employees of Bioware who worked on Anthem and it’s damming… detailing crunch culture, people needing to take extended ‘stress vacations’, bad tools, and worse. Bioware then responded with a dismissive Jake Paul-like response that attacked the author of the piece with the WEIRDEST DEFENSE EVER, and I’m just left saying… why? EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse #Anthem #Bioware #EA

Is Sekiro Really Too Hard?

Duration: 11:06 89

A lot of conversation is occurring right now around Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and how hard the game is. Forbes put out an article saying that the game needed to “respect it’s players” and add an easy mode, and that greatly upset fans of the hardcore title. So, let’s talk about the conversation around the difficulty of games, accessibility, and the faux outrage about games being hard. #Sekiro #TooHard #EasyMode EDITED BY HorseTaco: Tweets by taco_horse

Prince Harry Calls For Fortnite To Be Banned In The UK!

Duration: 9:57 56

Prince Harry recently made comments about how Fortnite should be banned, since it provides ‘no value’ and is designed to be an addictive experience. Considering that the WHO recently defined video game addiction as a real medical issue, could these comments just be along those lines, or should UK citizens be prepared for a Fort-exit soon as well? EDITED BY HorseTaco: Tweets by taco_horse #Fortnite #Instagram

Borderlands 3 Is Already Pay To Win =[

Duration: 11:39 187

Borderlands 3 isn’t even released yet, and the game is already pay to win… The the Diamond Loot Chest edition you will be getting not only XP and reward boosters, but also Loot Boxes… loot boxes that contain guns. This all leads into a bigger problem in the industry with Take Two Interactive, something we’re going to be talking about in tomorrow’s show, but shines a new light on the conversation of double-dipping with full price and beyond full price […]

Things Don’t Look Good For Gamestop…

Duration: 10:09 71

Gamestop just recorded a pretty sizable loss in Q4 of 2018, and with a failed buyout attempt also looking… things don’t look so good for the game retailer. #Legundo #GameStop

Halo Is Number 1 On Steam!

Duration: 9:38 98

The MCC is #1 on the Steam Wishlist rankings, but will this be the start of total domination of the world by Master Chief, or should the community be tempering their expectations a bit? Let’s talk about that. SUBSCRIBE TO MICHAEL MAKES THINGS! www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwZmrHfpESlIX965bvMXng EDITED BY HorseTaco: twitter.com/taco_horse #HaloPC #MCC #Steam

No MTX, NO LOOT BOXES In Jedi Fallen Order? Has EA Learned?

Duration: 6:47 79

The senate is laughing, and we have a picture of a Black Hole. EDITED BY HorseTaco: Tweets by taco_horse #FallenOrder #StarWars #EpisodeIX

Advertising A Game About Weed Is… Complicated

Duration: 8:56 117

So there’s this sim clicker game based on Weed, and it turns out that REALLY hard to advertise for… EDITED BY S1erra107: Tweets by s1erra107 #Weedcraft #Advertising #Demonetized