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Our landmark morning news series, posted every Monday-Friday by 9am!

The BEST & WORST Things About Twitchcon… – Daily Jolt 10.29.18

Duration: 9:06 40

Let’s test out another new series this week, one you’ll be seeing EVERY WEEKDAY! This is the Daily Jolt- a morning news show where we’ll cover news in the gaming, entertainment, and geek world and give you the facts, my opinion, and sometimes some Hot Takes where I get to vent a bit. Be sure to let me know what you think about this series, as this week serves as a beta before the series as a whole goes live!

Pewdiepie vs TSeries, Right to Repair, and More — Daily Jolt

Duration: 8:12 11

It’s a battle for the very soul of YouTube as two massive channels face off. Also, we talk right to repair and how a recent DMCA change will make pirating & circumventing some DRM totally legal, with a catch… Enter the Daily Jolt, a morning news show where we’ll cover news in the gaming, entertainment, and geek world and give you the facts, my opinion, and sometimes some Hot Takes where I get to vent a bit. Be sure to […]

WTF are Mixer, Patreon, and Apple Up To!? | Daily Jolt

Duration: 7:30 17

Let’s talk about the big moves being made by a few major players in the space.

Henry Cavill as Geralt REVEALED! | #DailyJolt

Duration: 7:37 25

Welcome to the Daily Jolt! This M-F news show covers gaming, geek, and entertainment news from around the internet into a quick video to enjoy with your morning coffee!

They added THIS THING to Smash?! | #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:02 13

Today, let’s talk about the newest character to join the roster of Smash Bros Ultimate, some new info on The Showtime Halo TV Series casting, Mixer striking back at Twitch, and more!

Let’s Recap Blizzcon Day 1! | #DailyJolt BONUS EPISODE!

Duration: 6:57 16

Let’s recap all of Blizzcon day 1 including the new Overwatch Hero Ashe, new Reunion cinematic, the new Hearthstone cinematic, Warcraft III remastered, Wow Classic, and we aren’t talking about that awful Diablo mobile game today… that’s Monday.

We Need To Talk About Diablo Immortal…

Duration: 9:37 19

We need to talk about the #Diablo Immortal announcement and the internet’s reaction to the game. I’m honestly embarrassed for both sides. Let’s talk about the ‘red shirt guy’, the “Do you not have phones” comment, what Blizzard SHOULD have done, and more.

What the heck happened to Fortnite?!? #DailyJolt

Duration: 7:35 20

Let’s talk about the latest Fortnite “butterfly” event and how the cube has exploded, what the heck is going on with the Avatar movie series (remember that movie?) and more! Also- let’s quickly recap our coverage of Diablo Immortal, Blizzcon, and all the craziness from that event.

The Supreme Court Just Shut Down Net Neutrality… #DailyJolt

Duration: 10:40 5

It’s time for another Daily Jolt where we’ll talk about #NetNeutrality, foldable phones being cool again, and Fortnite just continuing to dominate the world in their latest crossover with the NFL.

RIP to this YouTube Feature… #DailyJolt

Duration: 13:59 5

Let’s talk about how YouTube is killing a feature that will harm years worth of content, how #PUBG is responding to Fortnite’s latest partnership, and the reboot of the Shrek Cinematic Universe?! ===== Sources ===== PUBG x Suicide Squad twitter.com/PUBG/status/1059616915868381184 Shrek Getting Rebooted variety.com/2018/film/news/shrek-puss-in-boots-reboot-1203020785/ New 3D LoZ Game In Development gearnuke.com/nintendo-recruiting-new-3d-legend-of-zelda/ YouTube Considering Removing Old Annotations: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmLdD3QkoWA ===== CLIPS OF THE DAY ===== Deadly Class Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn9n1pWLG0k New KH3 Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EunHzNTCpx8 EDITED BY HorseTaco: Tweets by taco_horse

PUBG Goes Free To Play – #DailyJolt

Duration: 8:19 4

It looks like #PUBG is taking on Fortnite and going Free to Play… on xbox.

YouTube Censorship, or a Joke Gone Too Far?? #DailyJolt

Duration: 16:05 6

We need to talk about the drama surrounding on Red Dead Redemption 2 video and YouTube’s pretty messed up response.

Battlefield’s Early Access Mess — #DailyJolt

Duration: 9:20 7

Let’s talk about Battlefield V’s ‘play early’ mess, and how they don’t actually want you to buy the game, a new gamemode coming to Sea of Thieves, and how Westworld has just been struck bu a disaster that is currently ravaging most of California…

The World Lost A Legend Yesterday… #DailyJolt

Duration: 11:00 5

The world seems a bit darker today as Stan Lee, co-creator of the Marvel universe, has passed away at age 95. Let’s try to do right by his memory. Excelsior!