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Behind The Lens: UberNick

Duration: 31:19 116

I sat down with UberNick to talk about Halo, creating on YouTube, how he was two weeks from quitting all together, and that tattoo of his name on one of his fans.

Behind The Lens: Forge Labs

Duration: 32:15 115

I sat down with Forge Labs to talk about Halo, his love of costumes in videos, why everyone should start making YouTube videos, and more.

Behind The Lens: BBKDragoon

Duration: 37:19 90

I sat down with BBKDragoon to talk about his long-lasting Destiny podcast, knowing when to walk away from the mic, his hobbies on and offline… and he stole my script and asked me some questions too.

Behind The Lens: EposVox

Duration: 40:25 112

I sat down with EposVox to talk about his unique career on YouTube, his love/hate relationship with MCNs, his OBS Masterclass, and the state of online discourse as a whole.

Behind the Lens: The Crow’s Nest

Duration: 35:29 99

I sat down with Captain Jay from The Crow’s Nest to talk about Sea of Thieves, how it got him started in the online space, and his reaction to the Summit1G factor in the game. All that and more on today’s episode of Behind the Lens. Check out The Crow’s Nest: YouTube: Twitter: This series is powered by the support of our Patrons. If you want to see episodes before the live premiere, sign up today! Have […]