Review Scale

Our Scale

Our review scale is pretty simple. It harks back to the original X-Play scale of 1-5 to keep things simple, and doesn’t focus on whether something is .5 or .7.


It ranges from awful to MUST BUY, with some allowances for your personal preferences of genre in there as well. This is a real scale, we aren’t shooting for a bell curve.


No worries if too many games lately have been rated good, or rated badly, no bought reviews or “hints” at what we have to say. This is what we think, plain and simple.


This is awful. Whether plagued by bugs, shipped incomplete, or worse- this isn’t worth your money or your time. Run for your life!


It’s okay. If you’re a fan of the genre or the series you’ll like it, but it’s nothing too special. Maybe pick it up on discount but there is something good here.


It’s pretty good! Fun to play, solid gameplay & graphics, maybe a couple flaws here and there but passable. Grab it at launch & give it a shot, you’ll probably enjoy this.


VERY good. Games that are at the top of our lists, but might be missing something that makes it perfect. Definitely worth your time & money- go play these games.


Near perfect or perfection. These are the games everyone will want in their collection, or at the very least have played them at least once. If this game gets a 5, and you aren’t allergic to the genre: PLAY IT.