Minecraft Server Rules

Common sense is our main driving factor

In general, Be Good To Each Other and do not ruin the atmosphere for others just so you can have fun. Below you can find our rules, punishment ladder, and links to in-depth explanations. If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. Even if a rule is unclear, ask a staff member, as the staff’s interpretation of the rules is the only valid one.

Rules Overview and Punishment Guide

The following violations apply for Public chat channels, which are ones players are immediately able to view upon joining the server


  • Cursing/Slur use directed at players.
  • Bypassing chat cooldowns or filters
  • Engaging in inappropriate topics
  • Sending repeated spam messages in chat
  • Asking for any form of personal real-life information.

The following violations apply for all chat channels:

  • Bypassing the chat filter
  • Accusing others of hacking. Report on Discord instead, including evidence.
  • Engaging in spamming, racism, sexism, discrimination, or encouraging harm/threats upon players in real life. Punishment type and duration depend on severity. NO WARNINGS!

Additionally, we ask that all players on the server communicate in English. We are welcoming to everyone around the world, but as our moderation staff currently is mainly English-speaking, we are less capable to enforce these rules fairly.


Punishment Guide

  • First Violation: In-Chat Warning
  • Second Violation: Warning
  • Third Violation: Mute (for chat violations) or Temp Ban (1+ Days)
  • Fourth Violation: Temporary Ban (3+ Days)
  • Fifth Violation: Permanent Ban

How can I dispute a punishment?

You can dispute your punishment by submitting a ticket on our Discord. Any attempt to dispute a punishment via in-game ticket, twitter, YT comments, Twitch chat, or message to staff member will be directed to our Discord.

How do I report staff mistreatment?

Report feelings of staff misconduct by filling sending an email to legundoplays+staff at gmail. Any attempt to report staff misconduct via in-game or discord ticket will be ignored.

How do I clear my record?

Clearing your record is as easy as following our rules! For permanent bans, you will receive a one-strike pardon at the start of our servers next “Year”.