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Become a part of the team.

Okay, let’s talk.

We have a ton of people who are all great at what they do. The main four of us have our timing pretty solid and love working together on the podcast, Roll for Chaos, and our Let’s Plays. What we need, however, is some backup. I’m looking to hire some support staff for the channel and some new projects, including editors, designerscontributors, and programmers. If you’re interested in joining Legundo Media Group and want to help us take over the world: we’re hiring!

I’m not going to lie- these aren’t jobs where you’re going to be able to do this full time, but I’m going to try to be fair and honest with what we’re doing and how we’re doing on the channel. A rising tide raises all ships, so anyone who wants to be a part of LMG will enjoy the full benefits & support of all of us.

We’re trying to grow every aspect of the channel- releasing more videos, producing written content for the website here, developing tools to help us do both and more together, and increasing our video portfolio.

Email inquiries to, or DM me on twitter @Legundo to chat.

If you want to be a part of this journey, let’s talk.




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Legundo is a YouTuber, Father, Programmer, and Gamer. Bad at video games, but good at being entertaining.

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Join the discussion 8 Comments

  • Marcus says:

    Hi i would like to join

  • Adam says:

    Could you please elaborate on the research part of the job? Just wondering what I would be getting into.

    • legundo says:

      I want to start doing deeper dives into some topics, and want to make sure I get things right, as well as keeping an eye out for additional stories.

      I’d suggest emailing when you get the chance, and we can talk further!

  • Ben says:

    Hey legs, any chaance you could send me your full business email, not in a link? Im using gmail and it doesn’t want to except yours

  • Braxton Biggers says:

    Hey I’d be interested in joining or collaborating in some way. I’ve dabbled in some video editing and script writing before. I love Halo 5, probably have around 250 hours at this point. I think the rocky launch of the game turned a lot of people off from the game and I’ve been wanting to spread some positivity around Halo. I’ve been working on a video project about why Halo 5 is a good game just haven’t really pulled the trigger on finishing the video yet. I don’t know if I’d have much to offer as far as being permanent part of the team but would love to do anything even if it’s just playing customs sometime for a video.