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I Survived 2000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft… with almost 100% of that live on Twitch. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my Minecraft Hardcore world, and I’ve been weaving a story traveling through the multiverse as I’ve been telling a secret tale over this past year…

Special thanks to the Deceit SMP team as we’ve started making awesome things together – and we’re just getting started!!

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Come celebrate with me, live!

100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft In A Modded Ocean Only World

100 Days In Hardcore Minecraft, But It Updated Every Hour

100 Days in Hardcore Minecraft, But With Random Mods

100 Days In A Magical Fantasy Minecraft Hardcore World

This past year, we’ve seen the Dream SMP, Hermitcraft, and other communities rise, and while I might not be Philza, or Dream, TommyInnit or TechnoBlade – but I’ve been able to create something special, starting with just surviving 100 Days. It’s all Minecraft, but we do it together in an amazing journey.

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