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Those “Halo Moments” we all know and love. Whether funny glitches, awesome plays, or mythic takedowns, these funny & lucky moments represent the lighter side of Halo.

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*Teleports Behind You* — ItzSerg10

Nothing Personal, Kid — BangBangOw
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Turnaround is INFURATING — InfinityMind
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Game of Nades — NyrocOomara

POP QUIZ! – ANSWER — maxlehnert02
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POP QUIZ! — ju2309

So Many Things Happening… — Angrymonkey2477
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SCP-507 — KIKO2373

Just, Wow — OurCesar326

Parting Gift — Evil Twin Chief

Thumbnail Screenshot by Ima Crow
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“Victory of Angels” by Tim Beek is Licensed under CC Atribution 4.0.

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Music by: MDK


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