Halo 5 | What’s Still Coming & What Do We Still Need??

Avatar legundo | September 7, 2016 4774 Views 145 Likes


With the Anvil’s Legacy Livestream behind us, we know everything that’s coming in the next Halo 5 update.

However, in recent footage promoting the update, as well as forum posts from around the internet, we’ve seen more content that’s coming in a future update. Things like the Hannibal and ONI Wasp, the Halo Reach Plasma Launcher, the Custom Game Browser and more aren’t part of Anvil’s Legacy, instead they’re coming in a future update.

Also, there’s things that were hinted at that we haven’t seen, like One Flag/Bomb, Race, and even some fun things like Warzone Custom Games that would really lead to some big team battle madness.

Let’s talk about what’s still coming to Halo 5, and what we want to see.

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