Forge Fridays – Week 13

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Never let it be said that the Halo Community lacks creativity. Let's focus on the creative, the crazy, and the awesome. This is Forge Fridays!

Special thanks to TheRealRazgriz for teaming up to make this series possible! He captured all the flybys and helped compile the list!

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=== Maps Featured ===
Courtyard -- Pentagone
Treatment -- Given To Fly 93
Nyan -- Temple Caustic Kirby
Tlaloc -- wowshyy
Quidditch Arena -- xXHugabearXx
H3 Rat's Nest (Beta) -- TheRunnerUp 32
Wrecking Crew -- ChewyNutCluster
Kinzoku -- TheAwesomeGuys
Starbase: Xero -- DevilintheDuke
JAWS -- Scootie

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