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Never let it be said that the Halo Community lacks creativity. Let’s focus on the creative, the crazy, and the awesome. This is Forge Fridays!

Special thanks to TheRealRazgriz for teaming up to make this series possible! He captured all the flybys and helped compile the list!

Follow “Forge Friday” to find all these maps easily in game!!

Build a lobby and start playing these maps:

=== Maps featured (in order) ===
Medusa — Tentacle Lord
Castle Wars — iKampfer
Trench Warfare — BassObject
Octagon — Execrated Ninja
Gentrification — WedgieEdward
RLD Coaster — RLD HotTamale
Frost Bind — Pete From Ohio
Beaver Creek BTB — eMalum
Beaver Canyon — AUREL1EN
Neon — NeverNotKicking
Mother Base — kingstartile
Compound — Thuum
Slope’s Junction v2 — DesertRobot111
Clinic — Batsy Dubs
Ascension — JoeDannyMan

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Music by: MDK


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