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Warframe’s most recent quest line, The Sacrifice, has arrived on Xbox and Playstation just 3 weeks after PC, and the community is hyped as all get out about it!

This new quest line has been teased since last year’s Tennocon, and fans have been waiting and attempting to decrypt it since. As we already know from the teasers, this quest will feature a seemingly new Warframe known as Excalibur Umbra. We have seen Umbra before, in a Chinese build of the game, but now with this new update, players hope to find out more about this enticing shadow of our known and loved Excalibur.

It is confirmed on the warframe wiki website (link below the article) that the voice speaking to us in the teaser trailer, was in fact not Umbra’s himself, but rather someone quite close to him. We can expect exceptional storytelling, as some of you may know from playing The War Within, and Second Dream cinematic questlines.

I don’t doubt that The Sacrifice will deliver on the hype placed upon by the Warframe community. More news on Warframe in my next piece. Hope to see you on the battlefield Tenno!

Link to Warframe Wiki for more info on the quest

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