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Welcome to COMMUNITY CHALLENGE! A series where I take on challenges… from the community! It’s really not a witty title or anything, just a lot of fun.

Today’s Challenge is to get a kill with a Plasma Pistol, suggested by Rudy El pro:

0:09 Intro
0:33 Challenge Rules
1:25 Thought Process
1:46 500 subs? Think we can do it today?
1:59 Game 1 Start
2:05 Home Base Secure
2:14 First Death
2:25 GIMMIE!
2:56 First Plasma Pistol
3:14 Problem with my strategy
3:52 Upgrade!
4:29 I have to help?
4:49 Brain Freeze
5:40 Plasma Spawn
6:00 VICTORY!!
6:17 Defeat…
7:00 Call for Challenges

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Music by: MDK


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