Halo Wars 2 | Campaign Review

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Halo Wars 2 – The Review

"I think we're just getting started" That's right Master Chief, we are just getting started. Years after the initial release of Halo Wars, Microsoft has...

An Artsy Adventure — Alto’s Adventure | Legundo Mobile Game Reviews

Time for another mobile game review, time one being one of those games that's more of a candidate for the "Games are Art" argument than a game in and of itself. Let's talk about the Llama-grabbing s

You spin me right ’round! — Pokemon Duel | Legundo Mobile Game Reviews

Time to spin things around with a new take on Pokemon that kinda feels like the love child between pocket monsters and a YuGiOh anime. This is Pokemon Duel. Have an app you want me to review? Let me

Real-Time Chess — Chezz | Legundo Mobile Game Reviews

Since Pokemon Duel is just a crashing mess, let's cover the game I was originally planning to talk about today! Chezz is a real-time chess variant that does Free-To-Play well, and delivers the whole

This Made Me Angry — Hot Wheels Race Off | Legundo Mobile Game Reviews

Today let's talk about a line rider 'racer' that does one of the scummiest things I've seen yet. Remember to Like & Share the video! ▶▶ Subscribe! ◀◀ Join my spar

The Angriest I’ve Ever Been At a Cube — Dancing Line | Legundo Mobile...

Dancing Line is a game of music & rhythm, and by rhythm I mean frustration, and by music I mean Microtransactions. There's still music, but there's more Microtransactions. Remember to Like & Share th

Do I like MOBAS?!? — Titan Brawl | Legundo Mobile Game Reviews

This was a game that made me come back for a second look, and really took me by surprise! Let's take a look at Titan Brawl - a mobile MOBA that I really enjoy. Remember to Like & Share the video!

Why did the Ninja climb the building? — High Risers | Legundo Mobile Game...

In today's mobile game review, we answer the ever-burning question... Why do ninjas alwaus end up climbing half-finished buildings?? Remember to Like & Share the video! ▶▶ Subscribe! http://bit.l

BRAINLESS BRAIN EATING! — Infectinator | Legundo Mobile Game Reviews

Infectinator is a flash port to mobile that kind of shows it, but at the same time was a lot of fun to play! Let's take down the world and make as many zombies as possible, with some... odd side effe

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