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Razgriz takes a look at a new Battle Royale game with a futuristic twist. Is it good? Is it as bad as The Culling 2? You need to watch to find out. #RazReviews


Set in a vague futuristic world Islands of Nyne pits contenders against one another in a large  stadium dotted with ancient civilizations and world pieces where they are all dropped in to scavenge, kill, and hide to survive and be the sole standing person.  Honestly its pretty standard affair as far as the genre goes. Pick a place to drop, collect loots, and don’t die.

But thats honestly where a lot of the similarities tend to taper off.  Loot is plentiful and typically if you land in a decently dense area you can get all the gear you could ever need to carry you to the final fight.  Armor isnt tiered like in something like PUBG, its segmented into 5 parts, arms, legs, chest, and a helmet, which adds new HUD elements to your screen as well as protects your noggin from being a 1 shot kill.  Along with a generic over shield that helps absorb a bullet or two before taking actual body damage. The guns are fairly generic in style, you have your AK, your bolt sniper, your m4, a shotgun, some smgs, and a pistol.  All with their own perks and disadvantages.


One unique thing about the gunplay in this game is the way recoil works.  In games like Fortnite or PUBG there is an inherent randomness to the gunplay, some are worse than others, but Islands of Nyne decided to hell with that and made 100% static recoil patterns that are memorizable if you want to really hone your skill in the game, crouch helps tighten the pattern up a bit too.  This introduces a fairly large skill gap into the game and rewards technical mastery and skill in a genre where RNG can play a heavy factor, I for one am a huge fan of this feature.


As far as game modes there are the standard 3 solo, duo, and squad and honestly they function almost identically to any other battle royale out on the market, with a few notable mentions.  If your team mate gets downed you can’t just pick them up, you need a med-syringe in order to revive them or else they slowly bleed out, don’t worry you can always go search for one as they have implemented a Rainbow Six:Siege like “Hold F to stuff your organs back into your abdomen” option for your downed comrade.  Also if you have a pistol on your person you can whip it out and fire back at your opponents, and its something you have to wary of when you down someone, they might be down, but they aren’t always a toothless target.


Theres also a not so hidden game mode that plays out in every single lobby you’re in while you wait for the match to start, everyones favorite gun game! This funnily enough is one of my favorite parts of the whole game, its all 50 people of the lobby running around some kind of stupid moon base shooting the shit out of each other with random weapons.  You start out with a little pistol and get bigger and better guns the more kills you get. It lasts entirely too short and I wish it lasted just a bit longer. It is honestly strangely addicting, like licking a battery.  Just me? Ok never mind then.


Now I suppose you’re asking oh so its a BR game?  Where are the microtransactions and stupid skins!?  Well fear not internet patron, this games got em! Thankfully they are not crazy egregious and predatory, you earn credits at the end of each match depending on your performance that you can save up to eventually buy a crate of which there are two, a weapon crate and an armor crate, which you can then unlock for free for a chance and whatever is in the crate.  But those are free, you shout, with your picket signs and angry voices, let me be angry about real world money loot boxes. Luckily enough the microtransactions SO FAR, are pay for what you want. You like that cool knife skin? Cool drop $5 on that puppy and go rock it out. There is no gambling with real money, at least not yet, but the systems are in place for something like that to be set up if the devs decide to shit the bed.


Overall I’d say its just unique enough to warrant a try if you’re into the genre, if you hate bog standard BRs you might wanna skip this one all together.  I give Islands of Nyne 3 iron man drops into a coliseum out of five.

Final Score:  3 / 5

A solid game, if you enjoy the genre or the core mechanics, get it! If not- this might not be for you, but it’s still solid.


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