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It takes something to admit that you failed.

Failure isn’t an inherently evil thing, we can learn a lot from failing to complete a goal we had set out for ourselves, and it can give us perspective for future adventures moving forward. On YouTube… I think it’s safe to say that I have failed in my original goal for the channel.

When I initially re-made my YouTube presence under the Legundo channel, I was set. I was finally going to ‘make it’, and when I started that looked to potentially be a real option. However I think I tried too soon to move away from just doing Halo, and I made some questionable decisions regarding programming and partnerships that long term… weren’t smart. I squandered a lot of good will that I had built up, and the channel went into a steady state.

Then came Daily Jolt – something I was extremely proud of, but that was unsustainable. As long as life was perfect, we were fine… not great, but fine, and able to release the show five times a week! It’s just doing a 10+ minute news show every single weekday on a 4-5 hour turnaround isn’t sustainable with a team of three, all with jobs and lives to deal with on top of YouTube.

Then my daughter was in the hospital, and I don’t think YouTube has ever recovered from that. That week… that showed me a lot about what I truly cared about, what was most important to me in life. So- I changed. I’ve found a new job that is far more demanding that what I have had before, but so much more fulfilling that I can’t even compare where I am. I’m about to (literally, any day now) welcoming my second daughter into the world, and I’m feeling healthier and more well rested than ever before.

Still- I keep coming back to my computer, and my brain keeps racing on the what if’s, and different projects I dream to do.

I have spent the last couple weeks trying to figure out a way to maintain an online presence in a healthy and sustainable way without impacting my family life. You’ve seen a couple videos from me in that time, mainly my thoughts on news in the gaming space. Not trying to break news and not trying to be first, just taking my time.

I’ve also been working on some different IRL projects, some of which you can see on Michael Makes – yet another channel I’ve started, and more of which you will see soon.

The failure I have is that as Legundo, I am never going to ‘make it’. The channel is losing subs every day, and I can’t keep up with others who can dedicate far more time and attention to YouTube, I just can’t. I also seem to not have the same pull without a singular title to help prop things up, and with Halo Infinite a long ways away… that doesn’t look like it’s going to be a thing.

And that’s okay.

If you’re reading this- you’re one of the awesome ones. The people who have followed me through everything I’ve done on the channel and kept up with it even though at times it might have seemed like I have abandoned you, quit, and left things behind. My channels are a ghost of their former selves, and for sticking around I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The new look for the channel!

You’re still going to see me, but I think it’s essential for me to be up front with you as far as my intentions and goals. I think the days where we have 6 different Patreon tiers, Twitch streams, a video every weekday or more, and everything else are over. I’m going to be simplifying things to better reflect the type of content I am able to produce, and the value I hope to provide for your support going forward, if you still choose to support what I am trying to do. That simplification carries all the way down to a new logo for the channel that I am unveiling today.

This simpler logo should reflect the simplicity of the mission for me, and the goals of our community. To be good to each other, to build a group of people who love to create things, and to do it the right way. It’s plan, it’s basic, and I think that makes it perfect for what we’re going to be doing next.

So, here’s the short list. My primary goal is to release:

  • 1 video a week on Legundo
  • 1 video a month on Michael Makes
  • I’m going to try something for Daily Jolt, probably starting in October or November. Test videos will go out to Patrons and on the Discord server to gauge whether or not it’s good enough to pursue.
  • Loot Tables is something I am going to keep pursuing in the spare time, and will likely fuel all of the Michael Makes videos.
  • I will be simplifying the Patreon tiers to reflect the updated content schedule over the next week or two


You might have noticed some absences there. I likely won’t be streaming on Twitch much anymore. The time just isn’t there. If you are still subscribed there, I’d recommend cancelling as you’re basically only paying Twitch at this point. I am also going to stop doing campaign diaries for my D&D game on MoreLegundo, and I am shuttering the channel. Everything will stay there, but I am dedicating time to the things that I believe provide the best value for your support.


Phew, that’s a lot. There’s probably more I have forgotten to say, and something else that I left out. I’ll try to amend this as I go, and as always I will be on Discord and Twitter to share my thoughts from time to time.

Will things change again in the future? I don’t doubt it for a second. This is just what needs to happen right now.

Until next time, be good to each other.

<3, Legundo.


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