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This probably isn’t a surprise to anyone, at least I hope it’s not.

A couple days ago I shut down the Patreon, I probably should have done it even sooner, and it’s not fair to still be collecting donations and support for something that I have not been actively working towards. I think it’s time to face the truth, I don’t have the passion for doing gaming content right now, and my goals are elsewhere. I have been focusing on Loot Tables, and the Kickstarter, and Michael Makes… I can’t find the time to also be working on Legundo and making gaming videos when I barely get to play games at all anymore.

I am not going to say that I will never making gaming content, or Halo content, ever again- I just think it’s time for a new generation to take the reins who can dedicate the time and attention to it that it deserves.

We had a damn good run, and I am so proud of everything we accomplished here on the channel. I’ve met so many good people in this, and I still hope we can hang out on the Discord, even though I know it will be far less active. All the videos will stay up, but I realized that I couldn’t even make myself make this as a video, which is why I’m doing it as a blog post.

I’m dedicating 100% of my attention right now to making dice sets and boxes via Loot Tables, as well as documenting the whole process for my new DIY YouTube channel Michael Makes, so if you want to see more of me- that’s where to go.

In short, thank you all for all of your love & support over the last four years… we did a lot, and I am very proud of most of it. Maybe one day we’ll get another shot.

Until then, be good to each other.

<3, Legundo


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Legundo is a YouTuber, Father, Programmer, and Gamer. Bad at video games, but good at being entertaining.

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