Wow, I have to say I was not expecting the support we’re received since announcing our summer schedule. I was hoping, because it’s something we’re very excited about, but I wasn’t SURE that it was going to be well received, because it’s a big departure from what we were doing before.

Let’s Do This — The Legundo Summer Season Trailer

The support on the new series we announced, the trailer itself, and everything since then has been awesome, and I just wanted to say thanks for being the most awesome community on the internet!

Let’s Talk New Summer Series

So there were three series announced in that video, let’s break each of them down: when they’re releasing, what they are going to be like, and how often you will see them.

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Roll For Chaos

Roll for Chaos is a new weeks Tabletop Roleplaying game that might or might not feature dungeons and dragons of some kind coming to the channel on JULY 17th. Patreon supporters will get 1 WEEK early access to episodes of this series, as well as an exclusive bonus episode that will release on July 10th. To support the channel and get early access to our content, check out our Patreon Page.

VR Troopers

When at E3, Pat, Raz, and I took advantage of Pat’s VR space and headset to record some crazy fun games. This was probably the most demanding recording we’ve ever done, physically and mentally, so we’re really hoping you like it. Episodes of VR Troopers premier on JULY 6th and will release Thursdays through the summer. Episodes will have a 24 HOUR exclusivity to Patrons.

Free 2 Play

This series we stumbled on the night before releasing the trailer, but it’s already become one of my favorites. We’ll be digging into the pile of Free To Play games on Steam- good, bad, and ugly alike, we’re going to play them all. Series premier on JULY 8th, with bi-weekly episodes following the premier. Episodes will have a 24 HOUR exclusivity to Patrons.


Legundo 2024
Announcing my Candidacy

We launched a new summer line of merch as well, making some jokes from the community here into bona-fide ways to represent the channel.

With new shirts sporting designs like Legundo 2024GIVE ME THE MORMONFunny & Lucky Moments, and Razgriz’s New R Logo, we have a bunch of stuff you might love.

Check out THE STORE and get your gear today!

Let’s Talk Your Favorites

Now all this new stuff might have you worried… “What about the series I already like?” you might ask. Don’t worry! Everything we’re already doing here on the channel we’re going to keep doing, so that means your favorites like:

  • Funny & Lucky Moments
  • The Unfiltered Podcast
  • GTAV Let’s Plays
  • My Cube Life
  • Mobile Game Reviews
  • Halo, Destiny, and other Gaming News
  • Legundo Commentaries
  • Multicam Let’s Plays

These are ALL STAYING on the channel! All these new series are enabling us to do is play even more games, produce more content, and work further ahead to keep the flow of videos constant no matter what.

We’re going to be doing a lot over this summer, from the new series to more streaming (including playing with YouTube & Mixer’s different multi-stream features).

That’s A Lot Of Stuff

Yes, it is.

We’ve been working really hard on what we’ve shown you, and it’s still just the tip of the iceberg. After going to E3 this past year, I’m in overdrive. We want to go back and we want to do that bigger and better than last year. You’ve shown us amazing support over the almost two years the channel has been around, and we’ve evolved so much- it’s time to take things to the next level.

Let’s do this.

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