Wow, what a day.

As a lot of other communities are starting to wind down or change directions, our little community here is beginning to thrive.

We’ve come so far in such a short time. There are some who have done it faster, some who have gone further, and so so many who have never even made it to where we are right now, but this channel and this community are a part of my day every day now, and I’m always happy to log in and talk to you.

Thank you all for 10,000 subscribers. It’s an amazing milestone, we’re in 5 digits and working our way towards even bigger and grander things. E3 is just over the horizon, and more opportunities will (hopefully) stem from it to help grow this community into something people flock to by the thousands.

Thank you for all of your well wishes on our Discord Server (feel free to join if you haven’t yet), as well as on Twitter and the channel itself.

What am I doing as far as celebration? I’ll be announcing something fun on today’s Unfiltered Podcast. Hopefully it will be worthwhile for the accomplishment. Don’t miss that.

Here’s some interesting facts about the number 10,000, straight from wikipedia:

Also, make sure to check out The Store for some new TShirt Designs to celebrate the occasion, including the new “What’s Up?” Tee!

Check out the new Shirt Design!

Okay, that’s it for me, see you tonight for the podcast!


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