Welcome to the new and improved Legundo.com!!

Yeah – lots different to that one-page website that was basically just a business card, right? Cue the inspirational sunrise-over-the-youtuber’s-city screenshot and introductory post!

So this site is here to help you find the videos I post every day easier, since YouTube keeps messing things up all the time. The site will also be here for actual posts from myself and a few other members of the squad. We will be posting everything from news, reviews, personal blogs, and things like contests & comics even! Keep an eye out for that. Videos will auto-post here on the website, currently only from the main channel but the other channels are coming soon.

One thing I haven’t done is install any sort of forum or community stuff here. There’s already so many websites for stuff like that, one example being the /r/Legundo subreddit, where you can all talk to and about videos that are posted on the Legundo and LegundoIRL channels. It’s better to go where people are, so please feel free to use the subreddit as our community hub for right now until something else would fit the bill better.

You’ll also see a discord widget in the sidebar, feel free to join that server which will serve as a sort of live chat community hub for members of the Shenanigans Nation.

Anyways, that’s it! Just wanted to say welcome, and let’s get started building something great! As always guys, the YouTube channel is and will always be the priority, this is just here to help things along 🙂

Keep Being Awesome,

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